Shows & Pricing

Mix & Mingle Close-Up Magic

You have just found the perfect icebreaker for your next event.

Chris works the floor mingling with your guests, joining in on the conversation and blowing them away with mind-blowing magic just inches away and even in their own hands.

Your guests will have a truly once in a lifetime experience to see one of the best sleight-of-hand performers in the world up close. Combining his world-class magic with his charming personality, Chris is the perfect way to get your guests engaged, happy and ready to have a great time.

Mind Games

The New Magic & Mentalism Stage Show

The Mind Games stage show is a finely crafted, interactive, engaging experience in which you and your guests are the co-stars of the show. You will look like a rock star as your guests experience things they will tell friends, family and colleagues for years to come.

In Mind Games, your guests will participate in games of skill and chance, with incredible magic surprises along the way.  You’ll try to choose the right key that opens the lock, work out who stole the money or play a blind game of Connect 4 with an ending you’ll never forget.

This show is perfect for Theatres, Award Shows, Galas, Corporate Meetings and Conferences.

The 'Honest Cheat' Card SHOW

You’re about to meet one of the finest card cheats on the planet.

Seated at the card table, Chris presents a stunning, interactive card magic show with a nod to the gamblers and cheats of the past.

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Mix & Mingle

Close-Up Magic

Format: Mingling with your guests.

Audience Size:  120+

Duration:  Minimum 2 hours.

Mind Games

Stage Show

Format: On stage

Audience Size:  50+

Duration:  45 Minutes

The 'Honest Cheat'

Card Show

Format: Seated at the card table.

Audience Size:  10-100

Duration:  30 Minutes